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45 years of local fundraising

The Preferred Savings Guide in Fargo has been in the FM and surrounding area since 1974. The Blue Coupon Book is very recognizable in our community! It’s a product where a customer can recoup their costs in as little as redeeming three coupons.

Organizations/Groups that sell The Preferred Savings Guide not only receive a quality product with offerings from over 130 merchants but they also receive marketing for their organization/groups through our social media and additional selling materials available for their group.  

Businesses that advertise in the coupon book also receive the same marketing aspects via social media along with exposure to thousands of households in the FM Area. 


What We Do

From on the field to off, we help groups and organizations of all types raise money.  Groups/Organizations in our community are raising money for trips, equipment, class materials and more. 

Our fundraising is low risk - we provide groups with the books at no upfront charge and groups can return any unsold books at the end of their selling period.  


How We Help

Interested in selling books as a fundraiser?  

Are you a local business owner that would like to have a coupon(s) in the book?  Contact us for more information.



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The Preferred Savings Guide

4141 38th Street South, Fargo, North Dakota 58104, United States

Phone: (701) 364-0680

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